What's New

Feb 12, 2018

  • Style - Modals: Updated all react modals to match new styling.
  • Feature - Website: Added informational page relating to Coalition for Better Ads & Google Chrome.
  • Refactor - Legacy Scrollbox/Heatmaps: Migrated endpoints to single endpoint shared with other services to improve speed and reduce back-and-forth.
  • Feature - Display Rules: Added IP address display rule.
  • Fix - Chat: Prevented chat from resending the same chat message to the same user more than once.
  • Chore - Sessions: Began copying sessions to a new, updated redis box. Should result in faster loading once we switch completely over.
  • Style - Chat: Updated style of chat email per design’s guidelines.
  • Feature - Chat: Enabled the admin email feature for all users.
  • Fix - Dashboard: Some users were having issues retrieving dashboard data due to their local timezone.

Feb 5, 2018

  • Fix - Chat: Closing chats now triggers a scroll event preventing a situation where a user is unable to load more chats.
  • Feature - Discount Codes: Discount_code being passed as hidden field in form to ESPs. Mailchimp has a character limit, so it is discount for them.
  • Feature - Thumbnails: Better positioning of forms in thumbnails so you can see the form more clearly.
  • Refactor - Notifications: Sped up query that pulls notifications.
  • Misc - Dashboard: Various dashboard style fixes.
  • Feature - Dashboard: Added sorting.
  • Refactor - Dashboard: Improved /overview speed by removing unnecessary calls.
  • Refactor - Backend:  Created a single endpoint that all services can use so there is less back-and-forth between Sumo and the end-user resulting in faster load times.
  • Feature - Chat: Sends out digest emails for Chat. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never.
  • Feature - Dashboard: Began using our CDN for thumbnails. Should be faster for clients.
  • Refactor - Sumo: Updated to a newer version of React.
  • Feature - Chat: Added ability to change background color in chat.

Jan 29, 2018

  • Added mute toggle to Cart Casino.
  • New Dashboard was added!
  • Bugfix: Click triggers weren't working for some pages where an article was detected, but had no innerText. Now they do!
  • Discount Codes now being passed to ESPs.
  • Bugfix: DisplayRules no longer getting tripped up on camelCase query parameters.
  • Removed Recaptcha from payload unless it is absolutely required. This should reduce payload size and speed up Sumo load times.
  • Updated maximum character limit for Highlighter / Image Sharer for Twitter from 140 to 280.
  • Migrated to a new, faster database on AWS.
  • Fixed legacy thumbnails in List Builder.
  • Added Save Draft / Publish to List Builder to allow people to return to a form later to finish without setting live immediately.
  • Added GDPR informational page.
  • Does not load certain javascript files if the user does not have the features enabled. Increases speed and reduces payload size.
  • Added Cart Casino to /examples page.
  • Added unsubscribe types for MC / Autoresponder / Chat so a user can unsubscribe from one but not necessarily all.
  • Redesigned the visitor email for Chat.