New Update: Get your questions answered faster

Hey Sumos! Sean here, and this update brings the answers to allllll your questions.

Let me explain:

Big Update: An Easier Way To Get Your Questions Answered

We’ve completely overhauled our help system within Sumo to get you answers faster than ever.

Before, you’d click the question mark icon and go to our Knowledge Base. From there, you’d find your problem, read an article about it and make this fix yourself. This is still a great option if you want to roll up your sleeves and give some DIY love to your account.

BUT, we realize that’s not for everyone. So to get your questions answered even faster, we’ve made it incredibly easy to ask our talented support team a question.

Now, if you click any of the question mark icons in Sumo…

You’ll get a popup that puts you in touch with our genius support folks:

After selecting what the issue is and answering a few questions, we’ll instantly send your request to a support specialist. After you submit a ticket, you can track the status of all your tickets in the Ticket History window:

And that’s it! We really focused on creating a better way to get the answers you need, and this new update brings that in spades. 

You’ll REALLY want to keep your eyes peeled for our next few updates, because we’re going to release a BRAND NEW APP (Hint: It’ll change the way you communicate with your subscribers).

Enjoy the new updates,

Sean “Coach” Bestor

P.S. Want to have a hand in creating the next feature in Sumo? Give us some feedback in this survey. I read every response.

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