Chapter 1: Why You Need To Be On Instagram

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That’s how many monthly active users are on Instagram right now. In fact, 28% of the internet uses Instagram.

That means thats Instagram has officially bypassed Twitter, Snapchat, and even Pinterest as far as social reach.

And despite Instagram overlords announcing an algorithmic feed, it’s still an incredibly engaged social platform.

I mean, think about it. We know visual content works. It works on Facebook, it works on Twitter, and it works on your website.

Visual content collects 40x more social shares than any other form of content.

Guess what’s almost 100% visual content?


With over a quarter of the internet using Instagram, chances are your target audience is also spending time on this monstrous social platform.

Meta/header image

But I don’t want to lie to you, dear reader. So in the interest of full disclosure, I’m just going to come right out and say it:

Not every audience is on Instagram.

For example, while 55% of 18-29 year olds actively use Instagram, only 11% of the 50-64 age group use it. And if you’re targeting 65+, that drops to 4%:

Graph showing % of internet users

Which means that if your target audience is under the age of 50, you reach a sizeable portion of them through Instagram.

But if they’re over 50? You’re better to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook.

The type of business you run also has a lot to do with whether your audience is on Instagram. To anchor this a bit more, let’s look at it this way:

  • People love food porn. If you’re a food blogger, chances are your audience is on Instagram (waiting for you to post images of decadent brownies dripping with salted caramel)
  • Fitspiration is a thing. If you’re a personal trainer, your audience is on Instagram (waiting for you to post images that will shame that decadent brownie recipe right off of their browser)
  • We want to see the products we buy. If you’re a clothing eCommerce store owner, your audience is on Instagram (dreaming of how they’ll look in your products after closing the brownie recipe tab, doing a few jumping jacks and seeing the lifestyle shot of that new dress you just got in).

Coaches, nutritionists, virtual assistants, marketers, consultants, bloggers, dating experts, and -- well, let’s be real -- a shit ton of other niches lend themselves to Instagram riches.

Before moving forward with this guide (because remember - information is useless unless it’s applied) consider whether your audience is on Instagram.


Good. Let’s get going.

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