How To Use Instagram Marketing To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

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The date was December 11, 2015.

The event: a challenge.

"I want you to pick a platform we’re not on yet and grow it rapidly. Set a traffic goal and make a plan."

Immediately, I knew I wanted to choose Instagram. I’d seen friends and previous clients use Instagram to:

  • Build following from 0-10,000 in a month

  • Build their email lists with Instagram like nobody’s business

  • Drive massive traffic back to their websites.

So I set out to create the quant-based marketing plan that was responsible for taking Sumo’s Instagram following of under 1,000 in February to 88,000 in just six months.

More impressively, we took our Instagram following to 50,000 in under 3 months.

But I get it. The title of this post promises to teach you how to drive traffic from Instagram. So why am I mentioning follower count?

Well, because Instagram is a feed. And naturally, the more followers you have, the more feeds your posts end up in, and the more eyes on your website, content, and products.

So I’m going to teach you everything I know about building a massive following and drive more traffic to your website with Instagram marketing.

This guide is serious business. To grow our account so quickly, we used marketing plans, tools, SOPs, and more. So I’ve put together a swipe file, including this guide, that I’m giving away to you for the low, low price of...well, free.

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Naturally, this is a jam-packed guide. So I’ve broken it down into chapters:

Chapter 1: Why You NEED to Be on Instagram in 2017 and Beyond

Chapter 1

Answering all of life's deepest questions: is Instagram marketing right for your business?

Chapter 2: Instagram Foundations to Become a Traffic Generating Machine

Chapter 2

You need some foundations in place before you can truly conquer Instagram. I'll show you step-by-step how.

Chapter 3: How to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following

Chapter 3

The mind-blowingly effective free AND paid ways to blow up your IG following (so those followers can turn into visitors, subscribers, and customers)

Chapter 4: The Step-by-Step Guide to Driving Traffic from Instagram Marketing

Chapter 4

Now that you're rolling in followers, you've gotta drive them back to your website. We've got your back.

Chapter 5: How to Convert Your Followers to Create an Automated Traffic Machine

Chapter 5

Traffic is useless if it doesn't convert. Here's how to actually capture and convert that traffic you've just worked so hard to drive to your site.

Alright, let’s roll on to Chapter 1.

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