8 Proven Email Blast Templates For Nearly Any Situation

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Email blasts are responsible for over 22,000 sessions on the Sumo blog every month.

Screenshot of sessions on Sumo blog every month

How’s it done? Using very simple email blast templates.

In today’s article, we share eight proven email blast templates you can use for nearly any situation. Enjoy!

Email Blast Template #1: The Content Share Email

[One sentence that grabs the reader's attention and gets them hooked.]

In this step-by-step article, we teach you exactly how to get [benefit].

Inside, you’ll learn:

  1. Thing Your Customers Care About #1

  2. Benefit #2

  3. Benefit #3

<<featured image>>

[Reiterate the #1 benefit.]

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to read the article and get your [benefit] now.

<<button with strong CTA>>

Why It Works: It comes down to simplicity, copywriting, and understanding your target audience. If you know the kind of content your subscribers love, this email is extremely effective at getting them to read it. It’s benefit-driven with two distinct calls to action (one in the text links and one in the button at the bottom of the email). We use this email all the time at Sumo!

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of AppSumo content share email

Email Blast Template #2: The Content Digest Email

<<Big Image of Main Article>>

Article Title

One-sentence explanation of why you should read the article.

[Button to Read Article]

<<  small image             Article 2 Title
       of article #2    >>    One-sentence description with Read More CTA.

<<   small image             Article 3 Title
       of article #3    >>    One-sentence description with Read More CTA.

<<   small image             Article 4 Title
       of article #4    >>    One-sentence description with Read More CTA.

Why It Works: If you write a lot of content every week (3+ articles), chances are your subscribers don’t want an email for every new post. The digest email gives them all the new content in one place, and they can choose which articles to read. I recommend that you put the article with the highest engagement (comments, shares, or overall traffic) at the top.

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of Healthline content digest email

Email Blast Template #3: The Big Discount Email

Get X% Off [Products]

<<CTA Button>>

<<More Images of Other Products or Categories>>

<<CTA Button>>

Why It Works: Everyone loves saving money. If people on your list want your product, a flash-sale email is sure to get their attention and make them buy. Just keep it simple!

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of big discount email

Email Blast Template #4: The Product Launch Email

Hey, [name]!

I’m/We’re very excited to announce my/our new product, [product name]!

<<image of the product if available>>

You can learn more about the product/program here. (Link this line to the landing page.)

Most other [products] do [something not as well as us]. Ours is different. Here’s why:

  • Benefit #1

  • Benefit #2

  • Benefit #3

  • Etc.

With our product, you get [things those other products don’t do]. 

In fact, buy our product today and you’ll see immediate benefits:

Dive Into Benefit #1

[Paragraph explaining in further detail.]

Dive Into Benefit #2

[Paragraph explaining in further detail.]

Dive Into Benefit #3

[Paragraph explaining in further detail.]

And, since you’re in the initial launch group, you get an exclusive discount!

Click here to get X% off this week only. (Link to the landing page. You can also make this a button to make it stand out more.)

See you soon,
[Your Name]

Why It Works: Everyone loves new things. If you present those new things in a way that’s appealing to your target market, they’ll want to buy it. This email highlights the BENEFITS (not just the “features”) of your product. It gets into why they should buy it at a deeper level. And it works for info products as well, not just physical products.

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of The SEO Playbook product launch email

Email Blast Template #5: The Video Pitch Email

Want to learn more about [something in your industry]?

Watch the video below to achieve [benefit].

<<image of video with play button overtop, linked to the video>>

<<CTA Button to Watch Video>>

Why It Works: Video has the potential to get more engagement than writing because it takes less effort to watch versus to read. If you can create a video to explain your point (and lead that video into a call to action to buy your products or services), you’ll see your conversions go up.

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of Wistia video pitch email

Email Blast Template #6: The Challenge Email

Since you’re into [whatever your customers are into]...

Would you be interested in taking the “X-Day [Niche] Challenge”?

Every day for the next 7 days, we’ll send you an email to [complete a challenge; for example, to fix a common mistake causing your business to leak profits].

Each challenge only takes a few minutes to implement. 

[Do 1 thing every day, such as “Fix 1 mistake a day.”] 

And in 7 days, you’d have [completed the challenge and gotten the benefit, such as “fixed 7 mistakes and stopped your profits from leaking.”]

<<CTA Button to Enroll>>

Why It Works: If you’re suffering from low engagement with your list or want a way to build trust and nurture your leads, a challenge is a great way to improve engagement and get your list more involved with your brand. Part of the challenge can be to read and implement an article on your blog every day for seven days to increase blog traffic.

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of Birdsend

Email Blast Template #7: The Giveaway Email

Win [prize] now.

<<CTA Button to Enter Giveaway>>

[Description of what the giveaway is and why you’re doing it.]

[A list of prizes]

<<CTA Button to Enter Giveaway>>

Why It Works: Everyone loves free stuff! The key to making a viral giveaway work is to give away something relevant to your audience that only people worth having as leads to your business would be interested in (such as free services or free products from your store).

Want to run your own giveaway for free? Try KingSumo now!

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of AppSumo giveaway email

Email Blast Template #8: The Event RSVP Email

[Event Title]
[Event Date]
[Event Location]

<<CTA Button to RSVP>>

[Description of the benefits of the event and any speakers who are well known.]

<<CTA Button to RSVP>>

Why It Works: Two things make this email blast template work well: Early bird pricing and a well-known speaker to make your event more attractive. If you can’t offer either, then testimonials from past events also work well.

Real-Life Example:

Screenshot of Rakuten event RSVP email

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