Our new name = big changes for you

Grab a taco and sit down when you read this. We don’t want to be responsible for anyone dramatically fainting after seeing what we’re about to unveil.

Two Sumo-sized pieces of news for you...

1. We just spent $1.5 million to change our name

You read that right. We spent $1.5 million to buy Sumo.com and change our name from SumoMe to Sumo. Not that we’re keeping score, but that ties us for the 83rd most expensive domain purchase EVER (take that, Russia.com).

It might seem like a lot of money to change from SumoMe to Sumo. It is. And we could’ve spent that on a ton of cool stuff like reserving a Tesla 3 for the entire city of Clarksville, Tennessee (we made an infographic about it).

But we didn’t (sorry about that, Clarksville). We spent that money to show you how serious we are about being around forever

In the coming months and years, we’re investing way more than $1.5 million into our products and, ultimately, you. And we’re serious about giving you every advantage you need to grow your business to Sumo proportions.

How serious? THIS serious...

2. We’re giving you Pro features FOR FREE

Starting today, we’re unlocking a ton of Pro features in Sumo and giving them to you for free

Eat your heart out, Oprah.

Untitled design (27).png

A/B testing? Free. Click triggers? Free. Instant landing page (2x your conversions)? Free. All our high-converting, pre-made templates? Free as the wind blows, friend.

Log into Sumo for free and check out all the new toys we’ve given you.

But if we made everything free we’d go broke, which would suck. So we left a few bigger things paid:

  • Email Integrations: Pros can automatically send subscribers to the right list as opposed to downloading a spreadsheet and uploading it to their email service provider.
  • Branding: Pro users can remove our branding from popups.
  • VIP Support: Pro users will jump to the front of the support line whenever they email in.
  • Advanced Display Rules: Pros can segment their traffic to a greater degree.

But, outside these features, everything you need to build big, enviable email lists is free. We're building big things and our number one priority is to help you get BIG. So we're making these features and tools FREE so you can grow faster and stronger.

Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore. Open up Sumo and take your new features for a spin:

Click here to use your new free features in Sumo.

Enjoy the new Sumo. We’ll be here for a long time.

-Sean “Coach” Bestor

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