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Meet Discover, the newest tool by Sumo.

It’s dead-simple:

  1. You add Discover to your site
  2. Your readers get great recommendations for other content
  3. Your site gets featured on 150,000 other Sumo users’ sites

Watch this short video to get an idea of how insane this is:

Sexy, right?

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Here’s how it works:

First, you install Discover on your site through Sumo.

Then pick between a grid of 4-24 suggested articles that appear at the end of the page:

Discover Grid

Or a scroll box with just one:

Scroll Box

You earn credits whenever someone sees or clicks on your “Discover” recommendations.

The more credits you get, the more YOUR site is featured on 250,000+ other sites using Sumo.


Other Sumo sites promote your content on their sites, and you promote new content for your visitors on your site. Everybody wins.

Don't believe us? Just read what one of the early Discover users had to say:

I hate hype, but the Sumo discover app is literally a set it and forget it solution to getting more traffic. Imagine hiring a marketing agency to help you get your website mentioned on other websites in a very relevant compelling way. That's what Discover does, but for free!

- Justin from

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  • Start getting free traffic to your site
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  • Begin getting data on which of your headlines is the most click-worthy

And best of all, you can just set it and forget it. With that one minute of setup, you’ll immediately start getting FREE traffic to your site, without doing a thing.

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If you upgrade to Discover Pro (there's a free trial), you'll earn double the credits for every view or click on your site

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