Insane new feature to get more emails (plus bonus)

You may have noticed some email-gathering sorcery in our last blog post…

If you clicked on this button:

Then you were immediately shown a List Builder popup that looked like this:

Whoaaa! A List Builder email popup that you can make appear whenever someone clicks on something on your site? Game changer.

But I’m sure you’re asking, “Sounds cool, but how well does it convert?” Check out the results for yourself:

50% conversion rate? I didn’t even know the conversion numbers went that high.

This is a new List Builder Pro feature called “Click to Trigger” which lets you add a special link to any text, picture, or button on your site that makes a pop-up appear.

Here it is on some normal looking link-text in an article:

It’s perfect for:

  1. Offering bonus material (“content upgrades”)
  2. Adding an additional signup opportunity to posts
  3. Making your author bio into a signup call to action
  4. Creating less-intrusive email popups
  5. Making your Sumo family proud

I’m SO excited about this feature (seriously, I wanted SumoMe to have this feature before I even started working here) that I’m going to give you something special…

Try out List Builder Pro (there’s a 14 day free trial) to get access to Click Triggers, and I will:

  • Send you an easy video on setting up Click Triggers
  • Invite you to an exclusive Click Triggers + List Builder Email Growth workshop later this week

But since the workshop is soon, you have to sign up for List Builder Pro before Monday 2/22 at 11:59pm CST.

Once you upgrade, I’ll send you the video and workshop invitation.

Clicking your triggers ;)
Nat Eliason // Marketing Sumo

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