The 23 Shopify Apps You Need to Know About in 2018

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Over 500,000 merchants use Shopify to run their online stores. 

And it’s clear to see why, as Shopify makes it super simple to launch an online store — helping to automate sales, shipping, and even marketing activities. 

But once you have your Shopify store up and running, what can you do to get even more value from the platform and grow your sales?

The Shopify App Store is filled with AMAZING apps to help you grow your business.

It’s not always easy to filter through thousands of apps to choose which will be best for your business, though. 

Paralysis by analysis — we’ve all been there, right?

So to help, we wanted to round up some of the best Shopify apps to help you increase your sales in this post. 

Ready to jump in?

The 23 Best Shopify Apps to Grow Your Business


Price: $99/month (14-day free trial)

If you want to boost your sales and increase your average order value (AOV), then this Shopify app is for you.

The Sumo Increase AOV Shortcut enables Shopify store owners to add a fully customizable bar to the top of their site displaying a free shipping or discount offer for spending over a specific amount you set.

Not only does this Shortcut enable you to boost cart value, but it also increases the chances that browsers of your store will convert into customers!

Here’s how Sumo’s Increase AOV Shortcut could look on your storefront:

What’s better is that the bar is fully optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

It even updates as items are added to your customer’s basket, so they can always see how much they need to spend to get the discount (or a bigger discount), as you can see in the image below.

Want to see just how effective this Shopify app is? An eCommerce store got over $1,000 in sales in just one week of using the Sumo Increase AOV Shortcut.

You can try the Sumo Increase AOV Shortcut and see the results for yourself free for 14 days. The shortcut takes less than 3 minutes to set up.

Add the Sumo Increase AOV Shortcut to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free -  $20/month

Want to get some FREE traffic to your Shopify store?

SEO is one of the best ways to boost your traffic and sales

For example, search almost any product and Amazon, or another one-or-two large retailers, will be right there in Google waiting for your $$$:

Screenshot showing a google search for "prison break dvd", with amazon results highlighted

When someone searches “mens ted baker black vineey shoes” chances are they’re ready to purchase the exact product they searched for. No other form of marketing can match this. 

So put simply: Better SEO rankings = more sales 💰

Want to OWN search topics related to your store? Look no further than Plug in SEO.

More than 90,000 Shopify store owners use Plug in SEO. It works just like your personal SEO assistant, continually checking your shop and alerting you when there are any issues found:

Screenshot showing pluginSEO

Add Plug in SEO to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free

We all know Google is the world’s biggest search engine. 

But what about the world’s second biggest search engine?

YouTube? Bing? Facebook?


According to a study of U.S. web-based searches, the world’s second most-used search engine is Google Images![*]

Moz reported that 26.79% of searches take place on Google Images, compared to just 3.71% on YouTube, 2.25% on Bing and 0.69% on Facebook. 

So if you’re not optimizing your Shopify store images for Google Images Search, then you’re missing out on a TON of opportunity to grow your store. 

Thankfully, the SEO Image Optimizer Shopify app is here to help you…

SEO Image Optimizer takes just a couple of minutes to set up and will then automatically optimize the alt text for EVERY image on your site for Google. 

Though it’s worth noting that SEO Image Optimizer doesn’t optimize the file size, so you might want to do that before uploading images to your store. 

Keeping with the SEO theme, this app will help you get an edge on all your competitors by optimizing your images for Google Image Search. 

All you need to do is set a template for your image alt text (you can choose from a bunch of pre-made templates or make your own): 

Screenshot of the settings page for SEO image optimizer

Once this template is defined, every image you add to your store is optimized for search traffic: 

Screenshot showing how a plugin automatically adds an alt tag

Add SEO Image Optimizer to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $119/month

Want to bring in 20-50%+ more daily email subscribers?

Let me introduce you to List Builder—a neat app within Sumo’s Shopify app that helps you convert visitors into lifelong customers. 

With List Builder the average opt-in rate is 2.9%, so by not using Sumo you could be missing out on just under three signups for every 100 visits to your store.

And growing your email list could make a big difference to your revenue. 

Research shows that the average ecommerce email brings $0.71 in the U.S. and there’s a direct correlation between the size of your email list and the number of sales each email campaign drives.[*]

List Builder enables you to add a bunch of neat email capture opportunities to your Shopify store including: 

1. Welcome Mat: Welcome Mat displays a full-screen call to action that appears when visitors land on your site. If you have an opt-in offer (maybe a discount for email subscribers), this is a great way to increase awareness of your offer and grow your list. For example: 

Screenshot showing a welcome mat on an ecommerce site, created with Sumo

2. Scroll Box: With Scroll Box you can add a polite CTA that’s triggered as a visitor scrolls through your Shopify store. For example:

Screenshot of an ecommerce website

3. Pop-ups: Pop-ups can be a great way to grab a shopper’s attention while they browse your Shopify store. With Pop-ups, you can customize when your pop-up will display, or even set it to trigger when a visitor goes to leave your store. For example:

Screenshot showing a newsletter subscription box on dry-co

Add Sumo to your Shopify store here.


Price: From $19/month

Let me introduce you to Conversio—an INCREDIBLE Shopify app that helps your store make more money and increase your customer lifetime value.

More than 20,000 entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses all over the world use Conversio.

And when you give it a try you’ll soon realize why 😍

Conversio gives you the chance to quickly and easily segment your customers into lists, so you can hit them up with super-targeted, personalized messages triggered by user actions:

  • Receipts feature some of the most valuable, under-utilized real estate online. Supercharge your receipts to turn one-off purchasers into repeat customers with unique offers and discount codes. 

Screenshot showing an order confirmation page with a receipt and a future promo code

  • 70% of your customers will abandon their carts. Send them pre-made email campaigns to claw back lost revenue. For example, check out how MeUndies does this:

Screenshot showing an ecommerce store

  • Create simple, high-converting follow-up email campaigns to bring customers back to your store: 

Screenshot showing Conversio

Add Conversio to your Shopify store here.


Price: $20 - $29/MONTH (15-DAY FREE TRIAL)

Beeketing is a suite of Marketing Automation apps that helps over 250,000+ Shopify businesses convert visitors into revenue. 

One of the most popular Beeketing apps is the Checkout Boost, built to empower online sellers to run exciting incentive offers to customers. With Checkout Boost, you can give away free gifts, discount or free-shipping coupons to customers who place an order on your store. The incentives will be automatically applied to the order when customers go to checkout. 

What’s great about Checkout Boost is the ability to add on special effects to the offers, such as countdown timer to create urgency, exit-intent technology to prevent abandoned carts, or social sharing buttons to increase social referral traffic from your customers’ networks.

Screenshot showing a scarcity/urgency plugin at work, offering a promotional product if the user checks out within a specific time period

Once offers are set up, they’re fully automated to run on your store and catch the right customer’s attention, so all you have to do is sit back and watch your extra sales roll in.

Add Beeketing Checkout Boost to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $99/month

Want a new way to bring shoppers back to your store?

PushOwl could be just what you’re looking for 👀

How many times have you opened up Facebook, Twitter or Instagram after receiving a notification like: 

  • “Steve is now following you”
  • “21 new likes” 
  • “You’ve been tagged in a photo”

These updates, known as push notifications, are incredibly engaging and do wonders for bringing users back to products. 

Push Owl enables you to create your own timely push notifications for your Shopify store. Besides that, PushOwl also has some amazing automation features such as recovering abandoned carts, price drop alerts, back in stock updates. 

Push notifications are great to re-engage your customers with customized, relevant content.

For example: 

  • Running a special weekend discount? Let users know with a push notification
  • Is one of your best selling products back in stock? Let users know with a push notification
  • Has a shopper left your site with products in their basket? You guessed it… follow-up with a push notification

Screenshot of the Pushowl dashboard, and the page where you can send notifications to users

Add PushOwl to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $599/month

Every Friday I get a box of healthy snacks delivered by a company called Graze. 

Photo of a grazebox with delicious looking snacks inside

Want to know how I became a Graze customer?

  • Did I click on a Facebook Ad?
  • Was I searching Google for “healthy snacks”?
  • Did I sign up to their mailing list and take up an offer?

I became a Graze customer because one of my friends recommended them to me ✅

Screenshot showing an email by graze, with a promotion code

Because my friend referred me, I even got my first Graze box free. And now, for being a loyal customer, I get every 10th box free, too. #Winning 

So what’s this story got to do with boosting sales from your Shopify store?

Well, referrals from friends is the #1 trusted source of advertising.

But you rarely get people shouting in the streets about your product or service without a little nudge. 

The best way to increase your referrals is to create a referral or loyalty program. enables you to do just that. In just a couple of clicks, you could have your own referral program encouraging existing customers to refer their friends and promote your store for you. also allows you to create loyalty and VIP programs so that you can drive more revenue from your existing customers. 

Over 15,000 businesses are using this Shopify app, and the results are pretty mind-blowing… users are seeing:

  • A 15% increase year-over-year in revenue
  • A 20% increase in repeat purchases

One company even saw $1 million in revenue from their rewards program members in one year:[*]

Screenshot showing a referral plugin at work on the ecommerce store

Add to your Shopify store here.

9. YO

Price: From $6.99/month

Social proof is a powerful thing. 

Think about when you walk into an Apple Store; it’s always busy, salespeople are buzzing around welcoming customers and answering questions. 

It feels good. It builds trust. And drives revenue. 

But when you visit an online store, it’s just not the same — even if thousands of people are already on the site and buying products. 

Enter Yo...

Yo enables you to create that same buzzing feeling on your Shopify store by adding neat little notifications every time a purchase is made. For example: 

Screenshot showing a box on the bottom left that alerts the user when a purchase has been made, building social proof

To get started, you simply need to add Yo to your Shopify. Then, you choose your design and how often you’d like the notification to display, and you’re good to go:

Screenshot showing the settings page for Yo once you add it to your Shopify store

Add Yo to your Shopify store here.

10. KIT

Price: Free

So you’ve developed an awesome product…

You set up your Shopify store to sell your product…

And then nobody showed up…

You’re not alone, don’t worry. Millions of store owners have been there before. 

Thankfully, you have Kit to help you. 

Kit is an INCREDIBLY powerful tool to help you grow your business on Shopify. 

As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, Kit helps you to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads through a simple-to-use Messenger interface. 

When you want to create a new campaign, simply message Kit, and then after a quick back-and-forth your campaign will be up and running: 

Screenshot showing a conversation between the Kit chatbot and a potential customer

Kit is super-versatile and can help you with: 

  • Creating retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive more web traffic and revenue from return customers
  • Promoting discount codes to acquire and retain customers
  • Letting your customers know when popular items are back in stock

And much more.

Add Kit to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free $299/month

Facebook Messenger is an untapped channel for shop owners right now. 

Messenger now has over 1.3 billion users (yep, BILLION). So no matter who you’re selling to, they’ll likely be on Messenger. 

And to add to that, Messenger marketing campaigns are showing incredible results: 

  • HubSpot are seeing open rates of over 80% and click rates of 13%[*]
  • Neil Patel has seen 88% open rates and 56% click rates[*]
  • Recart reposts 85% open rates and 50%+ click rates[*]

Want in on the action?

Recart is here to help.

Recart is a smart Messenger bot that enables Shopify store owners to:

  • Send abandoned cart messages through Messenger

Screenshot showing a messenger outreach message from Halley

  • Deliver receipts in Messenger

Screenshot of a messenger chatbot outreach message

  • Build a mailing list through Messenger

Screenshot showing the "send to messenger" option under the add to cart button

And more. 

Recart is quick to set up and once installed you can begin to reap the rewards of Messenger marketing. 

Add Recart to your Shopify store here.


Price: $47/month

Want to skyrocket your average order value? 🚀

Here’s a tactic all the pros use…


Upselling is where you create opportunities for customers to purchase related products with the goal of making a larger sale. 

You will have seen upselling everywhere online. Especially when it comes to retail. 

Take ASOS for example — if you were to buy this Levi’s t-shirt: 

Screenshot showing the product page for a Levi

They’ll present you with the opportunity to buy the complete outfit in the product photo as an upsell: 

Screenshot showing three products side by side on an ecommerce store, with two out of them out of stock

Upselling is a brilliant way to increase your revenue. 

In fact, Amazon reports that as much as 35% of their revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling.[*]

And if you were to increase the average sale value by just $1 per sale and you make 500 sales per month, that’s a bonus $500 per month ($6,000/year!).

So can you really afford to ignore this tactic?

One of the best ways to increase your revenue through upselling on Shopify is the Bundle Upsell app. 

Bundle Upsell enables you to create custom bundles for any of your products in just a few clicks: 

Screenshot showing a cross-sell on a clothing ecommerce store

You can even create discounts to entice your customers to purchase bundles: 

Screenshot showing a cross-sell promotion offer

Add Bundle Upsell to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $29.99/month

Metrilo found that adding a wish list to an ecommerce site boosts sales by 19.3%![*]

So if you don’t currently have a wishlist on your site you’re missing out big time. 

Wish lists enable visitors to save items for later and according to Amazon employee, Ian McAllister they help stores in a few main ways:[*]  

  • Same-session holding area - Some customers use wish list as a place to save items during a shopping session
  • Multi-session holding area - You’ll see some people hold items in a wish list across sessions. By adding an item to their wish list they’re making a small investment and this increases the chances they’ll return to your site to make a purchase. 
  • Sharing - Sharing can lead to increased revenue in a couple of ways:
    1) Customers may share their wish list with family and friends who will buy gifts off of it.
    2) Friends who receive a link to a wish list via email or on a social network may discover your site and then go on to become customers themselves.

If you’re not a developer, then it might sound hard to build in a wishlist to your Shopify store. But thankfully the Wishlist Plus app has your back.

Wishlist plus enables your visitors to create simple, smart wish lists on your store.

And what’s even better is that visitors don’t even need to be signed in to your store to create a wishlist. 

Screenshot showing a "add it to your wishlist" CTA

Add Wishlist Plus to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free

“Do people use this store?” 

“Can I trust this company?” 

When it comes to purchasing from a new store, we often find ourselves questioning the store’s reliability and trustworthiness before we part ways with our hard-earned money. 

And if you don’t gain a visitors trust within a couple of seconds, they’ll likely leave without making a purchase. 

One of the best ways to build trust with a new visitor is social proof

You want to show everyone that comes to your site that they can trust you to deliver on what you’re offering. 

So how can you do this?

Happy Customers is a simple Shopify app that lets you showcase the number of orders your store has processed. 

For example: 

Screenshot showing a bar on the top of an ecommerce website showing the amount of packages they

Happy Customers allows you to fully customize the bar by choosing the colors, fonts, and where it’s displayed on your page. 

Add Happy Customers to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free

Concerns about security is the #2 reason shoppers don’t complete transactions — with 58% of incomplete transactions being down to security concerns.[*] 

(the #1 reason is hidden charges)

Graph showing a survey on problems caused on ecommerce stores

One of the best (and easiest) ways to build trust and alleviate any security concerns is to display your security credentials on the checkout page. 

Trust Hero enables you to create a ‘Trust Panel’ for your Shopify store to display supported payment methods and build trust with your shoppers. 

Here’s how it looks: 

Screenshot showing the visa/mastercard logos under a product

This neat Shopify app gives you the ability to customize your message: 

Screenshot showing how you can edit your accepted payment methods section with Trust Hero

And provides you with a huge selection of payment methods to choose from:

Screenshot showing the different payment icons you can add to your Shopify store

(Pro tip: 56% of shoppers expect a number of payment methods, so you might want to ensure your store has various options)[*] 

Add Trust Hero to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free -  $119/month

Sumo Share is used by thousands of websites for a reason…

Social sharing is an incredible way to grow your traffic and show some social proof.

If a visitor can see that many people have visited and shared content from your Shopify store in the past, it helps to build trust on your behalf.

With Sumo Share you can:

  1. Encourage sharing across all devices and browsers (Sumo works perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop)

  2. Choose which platforms you’d like visitors to be able to share to (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc). And on which devices — for example, you might want to enable WhatsApp on mobile pages

Screenshot of the Sumo Share Tool in action on a website

  1. Make all your store images shareable so your visitors can share them to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. 

You can even set minimum share counts so that the number of shares will only show up once it exceeds a certain number. This is an awesome way to ensure you’re always showing positive social proof on all pages of your Shopify store. 

Add Sumo Share to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free

More than 200 million people use Pinterest every month.[*] 

And what makes Pinterest stand out from other platforms is the buying intent of its users: 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.[*]

Buyable Pins let people buy products right from the Pinterest app, and helps thousands of online stores to increase their traffic and revenue. 

Screenshot showing a "pin it" pinterest button on the top right of an ecommerce store

In some cases, Pinterest found that:[*]

  • Buyable pins boosted mobile sales by 10-20%
  • Buyable pins boosted traffic by 20-28%

And this awesome app enables you to create Buyable Pins directly from your store, so you can sell products directly on Pinterest. 

Screenshot showing Buyable at work, allowing customers to pin your products on Pinterest

Add Pinterest Buyable Pins to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free

Like Recart, Messenger is a Shopify app that connects your store to Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 BILLION users. 

An official app built by Shopify, Messenger creates an environment where you can converse in real-time with your customers just as you would in a physical store. 

This is a great way to build strong, lasting relationships with customers to ensure they keep coming back. 

Screenshot showing how you can engage with your customers through Facebook Messenger

Messenger also includes a “Shop Now” option that enables customers to purchase products from your store directly from Facebook Messenger. 

But the main benefit of Messenger is just how easy it makes it to turn customers into advocates of your brand. 

For example, Australian company Erstwilder started using Messenger for their online store and saw great results:[*] 

  • 50% of customers opted-in to receive order notifications via Messenger
  • 80% of customers replied to order notifications; before, only a few replied to email order receipts

Add Messenger to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free 

96% of U.S. fashion brands are active on Instagram and 70.7% of all U.S. businesses with 100+ employees are using Instagram.[*][*]

And when you look into some of the data it’s clear to see why: 

  • 65% of top-performing brand posts on Instagram feature products[*]
  • 80% of Instagram’s 800+ million users follow at least one business on the platform[*]

So it seems Instagram is an amazing platform for you to grow your Shopify store. 

But how can you maximize this opportunity?

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links to every post. Instead, the only link on Instagram is your bio link:

Screenshot showing Sumo

(Though some verified accounts can now also link within Instagram Stories.) 

Snapppt enables you to make the most of your Instagram bio link by making your Instagram feed shoppable.

When a user clicks on your link they’ll be taken to an interactive shoppable feed where they can view and purchase all of the products featured in your Instagram images: 

Screenshot showing how you can add hotspots to different parts of an image with this plugin

Snapppt users typically see:[*]

  • A 37% uplift in time spent on site when referred via a Snapppt link
  • A 2.5x lift in conversion rate vs sending users directly to a website

Add Snapppt to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $19.95/month

If you want to impress your store visitors, you need to ensure all of your images look slick and professional. 

But I know just how long it takes to ensure every image you use on your Shopify store is the correct dimension. 

Surely your time could be better spent driving more traffic to your site or improving your email marketing.

The Photo Resize app will help you to free up a bunch of time by ensuring all your photos have the same ratio. 

Screenshot showing a photo resize plugin for Shopify

And once all your images are resized correctly, Photo Resize will automatically replace the old ones for you. 

Add Photo Resize to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free – $39.95/month

The “Buy” button is probably the most important button on any of your store pages.

But in most cases it only takes up a tiny percentage of screen space:

Screenshot of the EU NBA store, with their "add to basket" button highlighted

And once you scroll, the “Buy” button — the #1 most important CTA on your page — is nowhere to be seen:

Screenshot showing the NBA store

The Sticky Buy Button Shopify app resolves this problem.

Once set up, this app ensures your buy button is ALWAYS visible.

So if a shopper is scrolling through your page and learning more about your product, the buy button is there right in front of them ready for when they want to make a purchase.  

Screenshot showing an "add to cart" section of the website being highlighted and the background being dimmed down with a plugin

This app enables you to: 

  • Customize colors, text, button and positioning to suit your brand and style
  • Allows your shoppers to choose the relevant size/variation right from the “Sticky Bar”
  • And it works right away with ZERO coding! 

Add Sticky Buy Button to your Shopify store here.


Price: Free - $79/month

Every Shopify store needs products to sell. And this is exactly where Oberlo can help you...

In just a few clicks, Oberlo enables you to import drop shipped products and ship them to your customers.

Screenshot showing a dashboard where you can manage different products

By automating this process, Oberlo frees up your time to spend on growing your business, rather than sourcing and shipping products.

Oberlo has a ton of awesome features for Shopify store owners: 

  • Customization: Edit your products before you list them on your store: change titles, descriptions, images and set the pricing. 
  • Multiple users: If you run your store as part of a team, you can set up multiple users to log in and manage Oberlo. 
  • Track earnings: Easily follow your store earnings, sales, and costs in a simple-to-use dashboard.

Add Oberlo to your Shopify store here.



According to Texas Tech University [*], 83% of customers say they are willing to refer a product or service after a satisfying experience. 

… Yet only 29% of them actually do. 


A few reasons: 

  1. People are busy, and once the opportune moment to tell another person about your excellent product or service is over, they will forget about it. 

  2. There is no built-in system to remind people to refer. 

And this is why referral programs are important. Referral programs help incentivize and remind your best customers to tell their friends about you - giving you extra traffic and sales at no cost. 

ReferralCandy is a one-click integrate Shopify app that automates your referral programs for you. 

With ReferralCandy, all you need to do is to set your referral rewards and you’re ready to go. ReferralCandy is used by some of the biggest names in eCommerce, like Leesa, Rothy’s and Pavlok.

Screenshot showing a referral program

With ReferralCandy, you also get access to a dashboard where you can see who your best “evangelists” are, and how well your referral program is doing (they even give you advice on how to make it even better.)

Screenshot of a dashboard showing a graph and other statistics about an ecommerce store
Add ReferralCandy to your Shopify store here

Take Your Sales To The Next Level With These Shopify Apps

So there we have it, 23 of the absolute BEST Shopify apps to help boost your sales. 

Most of these apps take seconds to install and setup and can make a real impact on your sales numbers and revenue. 

But it could be a little overwhelming figuring out which apps you should connect to your store first. 

And I’m sure you don’t want to jump right in and install 23 new apps all at once…

So where should you start?

We’ve put together a quick guide to the five essential Shopify apps every Shopify store should use to help you decide which ones to try out first. Click below to get our top five recommendations. 

Get My 5 Essential Shopify Apps Guide

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