The Best Marketing Guides of 2016

The guides on the SumoMe blog have to be the best, most comprehensive resource on that topic online. In 2016 we published 85 guides, tallying over 200,000 words to help you grow your business.

To set you up for success in 2017 here are the top 10 must-read guides we published over the past year:

1. Growing a Site from 0 to 10k Visitors in a Month: Noah Kagan Edition

Our founder took on an apprentice to grow a brand new site from 0 to 10,000 visitors in 30 days. Here’s how. 

2. Drive Massive Traffic with Instagram Marketing: A Sumo-Sized Guide

We built our Instagram following to 50,000 followers in just 90 days. Here’s a case study on how - complete with a swipe file to make it easier to replicate. 

3. 12 Essential Growth Hacks For The Non-Growth Hacker (A Step-By-Step Guide)

You don’t have to be a programmer or a pro-marketer (or even a rookie) to drastically increase your conversions, traffic, and sales. We’ve suggested many of these tricks to customers who have increased their conversions anywhere from 20-200% almost overnight.

4. The Sumo-Sized Guide to Building the PERFECT Landing Page

We dissected literally every single element of the perfect landing page to help you 10x your conversion rate. We give it ALL away here. 

5. 130 Ways to Get More Website Traffic: A Sumo-Sized Guide

The Sumo-Sized guide that kicked off the Sumo-Sized series. This has every single method of getting more traffic to your website available. 

6. Pop-ups Aren’t Dead: What We Learned Analyzing 2 Billion Pop-up Examples

Like ‘em or not, pop-ups work. SumoMe users collected 23,645,948 email addresses with List Builder pop-ups in less than two years. Here’s how you can make them work for you.

7.  57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016: A Sumo-Sized Guide

There are 44,000 WordPress plugins out there to make your website do almost anything. We’ve crowdsourced opinions and narrowed it down to the top 57 on the internet. You need these.

8. 28 Ideas for Content Upgrades To Grow Your Email List

Content upgrades work to grow your email list. Don’t give up hundreds (or thousands!) of emails because you “can’t think of anything to give away”. Here are 28 ideas. 

9. How To Get Featured on Large Publications (Without Guest Posting)

How to get published for traffic, subscribers and backlinks from huge websites -- without having to guest post.

10. 49 Headline Formulas to Skyrocket Conversions (And Where to Use Them)

Headlines are the most important part of your content. If your headline sucks nobody will read your article. Here are the headline formulas, where to use them, and a done-for-you headline generator.

We worked hard on these guides so you can work less sorting through all the noise on the internet to find information to grow your business. 

Do not go into 2017 missing out on these value-packed articles. 

Happy new year, 

Sarah Peterson

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