Sumo is used all over the internet by the most popular websites. We help them grow.

Here’s a few of our favorite use cases.

Fedora makes it easy to create beautiful online courses on your own website.

They replaced their landing page with a Welcome Mat and saw their daily webinar signups increase by 70%. This led directly to nearly doubling their number of new users per week.

Fedora uses:

The largest shoe blog online wanted way more social shares and more email subscribers. Sumo solved both those problems. Now they can kick back while their business grows.

Nice Kicks uses:

Most sites like theCHIVE get 30%+ or more mobile traffic. They wanted optimized SMS, Facebook, Twitter sharing and advanced insights on what’s working.

With Share Pro, they were able to significantly increase their social shares, which in turn produced loads more traffic!

theCHIVE uses:

Canva turned our email collection app “List Builder” into a big, bold, call to action. They use the popup to drive traffic to different parts of their site and feature new products they’re working on.

Canva uses:

Bros Leather make gorgeous leather products.

They wanted to make sure people were clicking on the most important parts of their website (like the buy button and product images!).

Heat Maps gave them the data to ensure visitors were clicking on the right things, at the right time!

Bros Leather uses:

Frank Body (amazing coffee face scrub) wanted more customers, but 90%+ of their visitors didn’t buy right away.

They started collecting emails with List Builder and increased their mailing list by 400%. Their revenue went up… a lot!

Frank Body uses:

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