Discover gets you more traffic. We connect you to 150,000+ other Sumo sites to send more free traffic your way. Other Sumo sites promote your content on their sites, and you promote new content for your visitors on your site. Now THAT is some sweet synergy.

Free Traffic to Your Site

We figure out where your content fits best and feature your articles or sites on other Sumo sites, driving free traffic back to you.

The Best Content for Your Audience

With Discover on your site, you’ll never run out of good content to link your audience to. Discover determines what recommend content goes well with your site and features it at the end of your pages. This guarantees your visitors are never bored.

Send Traffic to Get More Traffic

Earn credits when people click on Discover links at the ends of your articles. Use those credits to get more traffic from other people’s sites.

Two Modes to Suit Your Fancy

Choose between a Discover grid of 4 to 24 recommendations at the end of your article, or a scroll box that pops up with a highly-focused “read next” article. Which will you choose?

"I hate hype, but the Sumo discover app is literally a set it and forget it solution to website traffic. Imagine hiring a marketing agency to help you get your website mentioned on other websites in a very relevant compelling way. That's what discover does, but for free!"


Oh, You’re a Pro, Huh?

Discover Pro is for people who want to put their traffic on overdrive. Earn double points, get double the traffic, and feature as many articles as you want.

Double the Traffic

You earn credits based on people seeing your Discover recommendations, and spend credits to get featured on other people’s sites. With Discover Pro, you earn DOUBLE credits so you can get twice as much traffic back to your site.

No Link Limits

On the free version, you can only share one article or page. With Discover Pro, you ensure every one of your pages gets extra traffic. Get more traffic to your homepage, your blog, your articles, and more.

No Branding + VIP Support

All Sumo branding is completely removed. Make it look like you paid thousands for these custom tools. Not only that, but we’re here 24/7 to help you if you have any issues.

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